Manage Your Responses From Within - As A Family

Perfect For Any Family

  • The easy-to-use, smart health watch can protect everyone you love – from your child that walks home after school to aging parents who want to remain active and independent
  • Arm your kids with a device that they can use reach you with the ability for you to monitor and track their location.
  • A growing teenager doesn’t have to mean growing worries for a parent. With 24/7 device tracking, rest assured your young adult will be to reach you in times of need.

Working Professionals

  • There’s no question that some professions are inherently more dangerous than others.
  • 2-way communication using the smart health watch
  • Update Tasks in real-time and verify staff performance accurately
  • Limit your exposure to liabilities with date and time stamps of completed work

School Safety:

  • PSAP capable for locating nearest emergency personnel

  • Use of duress-code to activate customized responses

  • Can help you customize your own security protocol or integrate already established protocols

  • Plan for Active shooting on your campus

  • Report Unruly or disruptive students

  • Direct link to desired hospitals in medical emergencies

  • Overlay of all devices on campus

  • Implement Evacuation directions and Procedures

  • Smart health watch with live audio feed to first responders

  • Voice activated emergency protocols

  • Great tool for School Resource Officers (SRO)

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