Personal Emergency Response Systems

100% Covered by AHCCCS Medicaid for Tribal Lands Residents in Arizona

Tribal Lands Residents in Arizona Can Enjoy Our Personal Emergency Response System —100% Covered by AHCCCS Medicaid

At AlertLion, we are proud to provide seniors with personal emergency response systems that help them live safer and more confident lives. If you are a Tribal Lands resident in Arizona who is receiving AHCCCS Medicaid, you can now enjoy our premier medical and safety alert service, completely free of charge. That’s right, AHCCCS Medicaid is now covering 100% of the costs of Alert Lion Managed Response, providing you with industry leading functionality, dependability, and most importantly, peace of mind — at no cost to you! Being a Tribal Lands resident on AHCCCS Medicaid in Arizona is the only requirement needed to qualify for this program. Read on to learn more, contact us with any questions, and sign up today!

Why Choose AlertLion Managed Response?
  • 100% covered by AHCCCS Medicaid for Tribal Lands Residents in Arizona
  • Emergency dispatching managed by AvantGuard Monitoring Systems, the industry leader in emergency response systems
  • Easily access and manage your service with a user-friendly app on your cell phone, smart watch, or tablet
  • You get to fully customize your device, including who gets contacted for different alerts and emergency situations
  • Advanced geo-targeting allows the AlertLion Managed Response system to locate your exact location during a life threatening emergency
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Fall Detection, Emergency Dispatching, and More!

Don’t get lost juggling multiple providers and devices. AlertLion Managed Response makes it simple for seniors to stay safe and protected, at all times. Here are a few of the most important features of our premier emergency response system:

  • Fall Detection
  • “Panic” button for swift emergency responses
  • Advanced geo-targeting and location services
  • Professional setup provided by AlertLion
  • Two-way communication allows you to speak with your emergency operator
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100% Covered by AHCCCS Medicaid for Tribal Lands Residents in AZ

Tribal Lands Residents receiving AHCCCS Medicaid in Arizona can access this life-changing service for free! AHCCCS Medicaid in Arizona will cover 100% of the costs, including:

  • Monthly fee of $49.99
  • Device fee of $150
  • Setup fee of $65
  • That’s it! All of the costs of Alert Lion Managed Response are covered by AHCCCS Medicaid in Arizona. Sign up today!
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Proudly Serving Tribal Lands Residents in Arizona

AlertLion is proud to provide our premier emergency response system to seniors living on Tribal Lands in Arizona. AHCCCS Medicaid will cover 100% of the costs for this life-changing, and potential life-saving, service. This offer is extended to all residents of Tribal Lands in Arizona, including, but not limited to:

Navajo Nation – Salt River Pima-Maricopa Community – Maricopa Ak Chin Indian Reservation – Fort Apache Reservation – Fort Yuma-Quechan Nation – And more

Learn more about Alert Lion Managed Response, or fill out this form to qualify for the 100% free-pricing for AHCCCS Medicaid recipients in Arizona!