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AlertLion Managed Response Plus (ALMR+)

Emergency Response Systems for the Modern World

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Custom Security Solutions for Individuals and Businesses

The AlertLion Managed Plus service brings unprecedented security and peace-of-mind to individuals, schools, and businesses, alike. This state-of-the-art emergency response system is simple and intuitive, allowing the user to manage their service from one of our smart watches, or via the app on any cell phone, computer, or tablet. Whether you are a school managing active shooter protocols, a business transporting high-value cash and assets, or just someone who wants the added security of a personal emergency response system, Alert Lion Managed Plus offers a variety of service plans to fit your needs. Learn more about this premium service, and get in touch with us today to sign up!

Why Choose AlertLion Managed Plus?

• Dependable – Managed by Rapid Response Monitoring Systems, the industry leader in emergency response systems
• Easy to use – Access your service through a simple, intuitive app on your smartwatch, cell phone, or tablet
• “Escort Me” – This feature allows all individuals, from bank-runners to students walking to their cars at night, to set a timer that will alert our dispatching system if the user doesn’t disable it within the allotted time
• Custom plans – From comprehensive emergency response management to dispatching-only plans, you pick the perfect solution for your needs
• Flexible pricing – Our wide range of service options make it easy to find a plan that fits your budget
• Astounding detail – Our bluetooth technology allows the AlertLion Managed Plus system to locate your exact location during an emergency

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Incident Management and Response
Learn how organizations can address their most mission-critical challenges through the combination of situational awareness and mobile dispatch solutions. Situational awareness and command and control is transformed to an optimized level and is intelligence-driven
Accurate Command and Control
Intelligent-Driven emergency dispatch Solution that enables situational awareness, faster and more efficient response. This solution also enables better communication across coordinating agencies and organizations
Transform the Way Dispatch Sees and Engages Response Team
Response Forces can Share their availability,. Mode of transportation, visual observations and even live video feeds directly to the dispatcher. Allows dispatcher to see attributes such as location and equipment on hand of the entire team more efficiently,
Bi-Directional Information Flow For Optimized Collaborations
From casual observation to critical response from responders, employees or citizens, status updates are constantly correlated across our platform so dispatchers have the intelligence they need when and where they need it.
“Escort Me” Feature

AlertLion Managed Plus is passionate about providing individuals with comprehensive emergency response services — whenever and wherever they need it. The “Escort Me” feature allows the user to easily set a timer from their smartwatch, cellphone, or tablet. If this timer expires before the user disables it, your device will contact our central alert station, who is then responsible for dispatching police and emergency services. Whether you are a bank runner transporting cash, or just someone who wants added security while walking to their car at night, the “Escort Me” feature ensures that you are always safe and connected.

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AlertLion Managed Response Plus (ALMR+)

Emergency Response Systems for the Individual

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