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Introducing Orion

What Does Orion Do?

  • A personal emergency response system that powers the functionality of AlertLion MobileDefender BELL & BELL+
  •  Facilitates communication between cellular networks and central stations
  • Uses proprietary algorithm to determine if the user is at home, enabling faster dispatch
  •  Enables care specialists to transfer users directly to 911 for phase two locations if users do not know where they are
  • If users are outside the service areas, Orion powers devices to dial 911 directly using compatible area networks


With built-in fall detection technology, AlertLion’s MobileDefender Belle+ mobile medical alert can contact our central station automatically if it detects a fall. Our specialists can speak with the User, locate them and dispatch the needed assistance

Our Belle+ MobileDefender mobile device includes GPS and WiFi location services to help monitoring center specialists and loved ones locate the user


The MobileDefender Belle+ is lightweight and easy to wear or carry. It is IPX7 water-resistant, though it should not be submerged.

The rechargeable battery in Belle+ lasts up to 7 days per charge, and Belle+ includes a simple charging cradle. MobileDefeder Belle lasts up to 30 days on a single charge

Belle & Belle+ MobileDefender users can designate loved ones as emergency contacts, so they are notified during and after an emergency. Belle+ users and their loved ones can receive alerts when the device battery needs to be charged or if it powers off.

In addition, loved ones can locate and track Belle+ online or with free mobile applications.


School Safety

Teachers, professors and university employees enjoy greater peace-of-mind with AlertLion employee safety devices. With the press of a button, they can speak with expert operators who can dispatch emergency personnel or call a supervisor to assist.

AlertLion safety solutions for schools and universities utilize GPS and proprietary WiFi location services, enabling operators to locate the device indoors and outdoors. AlertLion emergency alert devices last up to 7-days per charge, are water-resistant, and can be located on-demand online.

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