Our Mission

To provide comprehensive security solutions and medical alert systems through the use of advanced technology.

our Customer Base

Family &
Senior Safety

School Safety Resource

Law Enforcement

Lone Worker /
Personal Safety

Family & Senior Safety

- Dementia (Alzheimer's) & Parkinson's
- Medical alert system
- Silver alert
- Allows for complete mobility at home or when traveling
- Non-medical uses (e.g. when in need of roadside assistance, we can connect you to friends or
- Easy access to emergency services
- Medical History is made available in emergencies

School Safety Resource

– Active shooting on campus
– Unruly / disruptive students
– Direct link to desired hospitals in medical emergencies
– Overlay of all devices on campus
– Medical alert system for emergencies
– Evacuation directions
– Live audio feed to first responders
– Voice activated emergency protocols
– School Resource Officers (SRO)

The best campus facilities

 – Search and rescue
 – Sense of security to abused victims
 – Location history can help guide effort to locate a missing person

 – Medical alert system for Emergency response
 – Important tool for law enforcement in locating a kidnapped child
 – Real time information
 – Officer Safety

Lone Worker / Personal Safety

– Activate emergency protocols by voice
– Easily locate and send help to workers who are in remote areas
– Protection from liability
– Better time-log management
– Remain safe and feel protected in uncertain circumstances
– Initiate emergency communication with the trained professionals of the Alert Lion monitoring

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